Edmonton Garage Door Maintenance


Just like anything else, proper maintenance of your residential or commercial garage door will add years of safe operation to this large piece of equipment. Typically, these doors run regularly for years before they get any attention. Often the garage doors are significantly worn before receiving proper adjustments, lubrication or repairs. So just how often should overhead / garage doors be serviced and what should be done?

A reputable technician will check that the cables are aligning properly and are not rusted at the base, twisted or worn. The hinges should all be solid and not have any cracks. Rollers should run smooth and weather strip at the top, sides and bottom need to make good contact and retain a consistent seal.

A large area of concern are the springs that help lift the door. These springs are built to perform a set number of door openings or cycles. The garage door technicians may also inspect the bearings that guide the shaft and the back hanging that supports the door in the open position. Not all doors are built alike and each design has a number of other areas that need lubricating or adjusting on a yearly basis, and even every six months for high use commercial doors.

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